East Sussex Wedding Photography

I want to work with you to make a record of your wedding day that will surpass your wildest dreams and help you to look back on the event with joyous hearts for the rest of your lives together.

I am a professional photographer rather than a part-timer, and it is this fact, together with a very real love for my profession, that enables me to get such excellent results on a consistent basis.

If you make the mistake of hiring a weekend snapper who is only interested in picking up some extra spending money, you could miss out on the only opportunity you will have to put together a beautiful album of shots to remember your special day by.

Four Reasons to Book Me for Your Wedding

As I am very proud of my work and love what I do, I found it hard to limit myself to just four reasons but I think humility is also an important quality in a wedding photographer East Sussex couples will want to hire, so I made a big effort!

  1. I Have Won Awards for My Photographs – I still get a real buzz from looking over photographs that I have taken at clients’ weddings, because I get great pleasure from knowing that I have done a good job. However, gaining recognition from other people, especially industry professionals, is a whole other feeling that easily surpasses my admiration for my own work!
  2. I Come Highly Recommended – I am the photographer of choice at a number of venues in the South East, a fact that also makes me feel very proud.
  3. I have 16 Years of Experience – I didn’t just drift into wedding photography on a whim in order to make some money, I really love what I do. I know that is the second or third time that I have mentioned my love affair with the camera but I think it is the single most important factor (along with my experience) that helps me to take great shots.
  4. I Have a Great Sense of Style – Working on fashion shoots when I am not covering weddings has really helped me to develop a sense of style that I put to good use when capturing happy couples on their big day. It also helps me to put together gorgeous albums that I feel are genuinely stunning.

Professional Wedding Photographer, East Sussex Specialist

Although I am based in Kent rather than East Sussex, I am intimately familiar with many of the best venues in the area.

I think this fact has definitely helped me to be in the right place at the right time on occasion but I have the experience to know where to position myself at any venue by this stage of my career.

More importantly, my familiarity with this lovely part of the country means that I never get lost on the way to a wedding and I am always able to arrive in good time for the main event!