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nikos-kent-wedding-photographerI am a full-time professional wedding photographer in Kent. I think that your wedding day is important and therefore it should be photographed with discretion and with little intervention from the photographer. Certainly I would recommend some group shots and a few romantic shots, but these are carried out quickly and quietly! I prefer to record the day as it happens, with pictures that are honest and a truthful representation of your wedding day.

Although wedding photography is my main income I do also shoot fashion photography and commercial photography. My fashion work helps me with the styling of both my wedding photography and album designs.

I started photography very young, at 8 years old, with a camera called ‘Mustang Deluxe A’. It was a heavy film camera from China with an odd industrial smell about it, but it worked and got me hooked on photography! Later, after failing to become a professional tennis player, I started to photograph tennis and followed most of the major tournaments (Wimbledon and the French Open to name two) and it is here that I developed the skill of following the action using a manual focus film camera. This resulted in having four pictures published in ‘Moods Of Tennis’ – a book containing a collection of the best tennis photographs in the history of the game.

Wedding photography has changed massively over the past 10 years. With the digital age everyone takes pictures and this has bought a lot of new wedding photographers into the business. Unfortunately a vast majority of them are not qualified or competent and have little experience to successfully photograph a wedding. Attending a day course and having a few nice pictures does not make you a wedding photographer! Whoever you choose make sure they make their living from wedding photography and that they don’t just shoot weddings for extra cash at the weekends!

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