Berkshire Wedding Photography

As a professional photographer who has covered in excess of 500 weddings, I understand the pressure many couples are under in the run-up to their big day. With so many things to organise and pay for, it can be difficult to remain level-headed and make the right decisions all the time. I don’t want to add to your load so I will try to outline my services, and why I think you should hire me, as concisely as possible.

What I Have to Offer

It is difficult to sum up what I have to offer in such a short space but I will give it my best shot.

  • Composition Skills – My 17 years as a professional have enabled me to refine my skills to a point where I am able to compose pictures beautifully in a matter of seconds. When you are trying to capture all the wonderful emotions that are flowing through people at a wedding, this is a priceless skill that makes my job so much easier. More importantly, it means that my clients are guaranteed excellent results every time.
  • An Artistic Eye – In addition to the many weddings that I have covered, I have also worked on numerous fashion shoots and I believe that my experience in the fashion industry is partly responsible for my artistic eye: my ability to see what will make a truly beautiful picture.
  • A Reportage Style – I don’t see a wedding album as a collection of beautiful but random shots taken at regular intervals throughout the day. I see it as a book that tells a visual story of the events on your big day. I think I am the best wedding photographer Berkshire couples will find because when I have completed your album, I will be giving you something that is truly unique.
  • A Practical Approach – I may get lost in the wonderful world of photography in my spare time but when I am attending a wedding on behalf of a client, I always have my feet firmly on the ground and my mind on the job at hand. Photographing weddings does require a certain artistic flair and a creative nature but without practical organisational skills and technical know-how, it would be impossible for me to put those qualities to good use.

My Wedding Photographer Berkshire Packages

I don’t have a long list of prices and options on my website because I think it is very constraining to work in that way. However, I will be more than happy to give you a firm quotation for the services you require if you give me a call to let me know what you would like.

The total cost will depend on the number of pictures and the style of album or book that you choose but I charge very reasonable prices for Berkshire weddings and events across the South East, so there is no need to worry that you will have to spend a fortune to get what you want.