Ashford Wedding Photography

Being based in Ashford myself, I am always delighted to cover local weddings. I don’t think you should hire me just because I’m on your doorstep of course, but I do think there are several other reasons you might want to consider using me rather than any other wedding photographer Ashford has to offer.

Why Choose Me for Your Big Day?

There are so many people offering photographic services for weddings and other events these days that it can be hard to know who you can trust to make a visual record of what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest days in your lives. You can trust me to do a superb job for the following reasons:

Years of Experience – I have been covering weddings since 1998 and during that time I have completed over 500 jobs. I like to think that each occasion has taught me something new although I can say with absolute confidence that I feel I did an excellent job every time and would find it difficult to improve on my results even if I had the option to go back in time and try.

A Lifelong Love of Photography – Maybe not for the whole of my life, but certainly since I got my first camera at the age of 8, I have been obsessed with everything to do with photography. My passion for taking stunning pictures naturally drew me to consider it as a profession and I have never regretted that decision.

I Will Blend in with the Scenery – When you hire me to take photographs at your wedding, you will not have to deal with me herding your guests into group shots every five minutes or asking you to kiss each other so I can capture the magic moment on film, for the 50th time! Although I will take a nice selection of romantic shots and a variety of group portraits for your wedding album, I will spend most of my time being as unobtrusive as possible. I find that the less noticeable I am, the easier it is for me to take candid shots that show people’s real feeling on your big day.

I Will Make You Feel Comfortable – I believe that every couple should take at least a little time out to get to know their chosen photographer before the day of their wedding. It will be much easier to relax and be yourself if we are already on friendly terms.

My Wedding Photographer Services

I can cover your big day from the moment you leave your homes – or earlier if you prefer – all the way through to your evening reception. If you only want me to cover the ceremony itself, that is your choice of course.

Just call me on 01233 662 777 to tell me what you need and we can sort out all the details together. If you would like to visit my studio, I can show you a selection of wedding albums and books you might like to use.