Hampton Wedding Photography

Choosing somebody to make a visual record of the day you get married is not a task that you should take lightly. Your wedding album should be something that you are immensely proud of: a beautiful souvenir of your special day, containing pictures that capture the joy of the event as it unfolds.

If you choose me to take photographs at your Hampton wedding, you can not only look forward to having a beautiful album full of stunning pictures, you can also look forward to enjoying your big day without constant interruptions from your photographer.

My Style of Photography

I will of course take some group portraits and pictures of you and your partner in romantic poses but for the most part, I will be concentrating on blending in with the surroundings so that I can take a variety of shots that capture the true emotions of your wedding day.

When you look back on your ceremony and reception in the years ahead, you will have a pictorial record that is a truthful representation of the events as they really happened, helping you to recall the joy that you felt and shared with your guests.

When it comes to finding a first-class wedding photographer, Hampton has plenty from which to choose but I promise you will never regret hiring me as your principal record keeper for the day.

Getting the Wedding Album You Want

To make sure that your album is everything you hoped it would be, it is a good idea to spend some time talking through the matter with your partner. Think about the following factors when you are discussing what you really want.

Timespan – When would you like the day to start and end, as far as your wedding photographs are concerned? Do you want pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids preparing themselves for the ceremony or would you like the first shots to be of the bride and groom as they arrive at the church or registry office?

Mood – What do you want your album to say about your big day? Do you want a collection of beautiful portraits that reflect a very formal event or a sequence of intimate moments that remind you of how you really felt at each point during the ceremony and reception? Although my style leans toward the latter, I will of course take your desires into account when planning my strategy for the day.

Design – You should also think about the design and layout of the album itself. If it is convenient, you are always welcome to visit me in my studio to take a look at the many different types of album I have available. If not, I can show you online.

My Wedding Photographer Hampton Guarantee

When you hire me to cover your big day in this beautiful part of London, I guarantee to use my years of experience and photographic skills to put together a collection of photographs that you and your partner are sure to love.