Essex Wedding Photography

From my base in Kent, I provide a professional and highly efficient service to couples marrying in the neighbouring county of Essex. Having worked at many of the most popular venues in the area, there is a very good chance that I will already be familiar with the location at which you are planning to marry and the venue for your wedding reception afterwards.

Whilst this knowledge will most certainly make life easier for all concerned, I feel that my many years of experience as a professional wedding photographer Essex couples can trust is more relevant as far as the results you can expect are concerned.

A Stunning Wedding Album for You to Treasure

If you are not blown away with the pictures that I take on your big day, I have failed you completely. Fortunately, this is not something that has ever happened to me as I take great pride in my work and plan meticulously for every event that I am hired to cover. My highly developed photography skills, along with my careful planning and artistic talent, ensure that I get great results every time, as you can see from my online gallery.

What I hope you will also see from the compilation of shots that you will find in my gallery is that I much prefer taking natural shots than formal portraits, because, in my humble opinion, they capture the real emotions of your special day far more accurately.

My Wedding Photographer Essex Services

I approach each job with a fresh perspective, ready to create beautiful photographs that reflect the inner character of my subjects. On your big day, you of course will be the main subjects so I would like to get to know a little bit about you first if possible.

This is not essential but it will help to ensure that I know what you like and can more easily anticipate the type of shots you are most likely to appreciate. When paying for my services, my clients can expect the following:

  • First-Class Photographic Skills – With 16 years of experience, I am a skilled photographer and I will use my hard-earned skills and knowledge to make sure that your wedding pictures are perfect in every way.
  • Punctuality – The best photographer in the world is of little use if he or she does not turn up on time to capture the shots you would like. I always plan my jobs so that there is absolutely no possibility of me arriving late.
  • Wedding Album Design – My experience in the fashion industry has armed me with the knowledge I need to create incredibly stylish wedding albums for my clients.

Hiring Me for Your Big Day

Please feel free to spend as much time making your mind up as you need. Peruse the pictures in my gallery, check out the competition and consult with friends and family.

When you are ready to make a booking, call me on 01233 662777 to let me know exactly what you require.