Buckinghamshire Wedding Photography

Having spent the last sixteen years making a living from recording all the emotions and excitement of wedding ceremonies and receptions across the UK and internationally, I feel that I am well qualified to help you make a lasting record of your special day.

In contrast to the multitude of part-time photographers that hire themselves out to make extra money at the weekends, photography is my profession and I rely on my skills and expertise to make a living.

When you hire me, you can rest assured that your wedding album will be the envy of all your friends and that you will have a beautiful collection of photographs you can treasure for the rest of your lives.

My Wedding Photography Services in Buckinghamshire

I can cover the whole day, from last minute preparations in the morning through to the last guests leaving your reception at night, or any part thereof that you would like to capture on film.

Although I will most certainly compose as many formal portraits as you desire, I feel that the less I intrude on your big day the better, so I tend to keep these to a minimum unless otherwise instructed.

It is those special moments that you both share together, as well as the reactions of your nearest and dearest when you tie the knot, that I think make the best subjects and I have a unique talent for capturing these without getting in the way.

What You Should Consider Before Making a Booking

Whether you would like to book me or another photographer for your Buckinghamshire wedding, I sincerely hope that everything goes smoothly on the day itself and that you have a fantastic album to share with your friends and family afterwards.

To make sure that this is the case, try to follow these tips:

  1. Hire a Professional – I know that I have already mentioned this but it is something about which I feel very passionately, both because of pride in my profession and because I think that every couple deserves the best when they get married.
  2. Don’t Economise in the Wrong Areas – By this I do not mean that you should pay the earth for a photographer just because he or she demands it, but rather than you should avoid economising on the type of album and number of photographs that you purchase at the end of the day. Weddings are undoubtedly an expensive undertaking but you don’t want to skimp on what will hopefully be the definitive record of your special day.
  3. Talk to Prospective Photographers First – You will stand a better chance of getting the shots you really want if you can find a professional with whom you can build a rapport.

Why You Should Choose Me

I am not the only wedding photographer Buckinghamshire has to offer but I can guarantee that you will not find a more dedicated professional in the county or one who cares more about what his customers think that I do.